Bonsai Blast

Bonsai Blast 1.2

An insanely addictive clone of Zuma


  • Highly addictive gameplay
  • Two game modes
  • Well presented


  • More music needed
  • Just one difficulty setting

Very good

Bonsai Blast is a clone of Zuma, a game in which you need to burst colored balls by linking them in groups of three or more of the same color.

If you're hungry for a puzzle game that will keep you occupied for hours, Bonsai Blast should more than satisfy your appetite. You fire balls from a rotating station by clicking on the ball you want to hit on the chain of moving balls. If you make a grouping, the balls disappear, if you don't the ball you've fired is added to the chain. The level finishes when you've removed all the balls from the chain. If you play Bonsai Blast's Survival mode, then the balls will keep coming infinitely.

Make sure you haven't got anything planned before you start to play Bonsai Blast. This game is so addictive that hours will pass without you noticing. The game avoids being too repetitive thanks to the introduction of combos, power-ups, obstacles and special scenarios.

Bonsai Blast is immaculately presented, and the lush green gardens make you want to jump inside the game and live there for eternity. The quality of the music and sound effects is also excellent, adding to the enchanting, mystical atmosphere of Bonsai Blast. However, the inclusion of a couple more songs would be great, as the one track gets a bit mind numbing after a while.

It does take a while for Bonsai Blast to get really interesting, and we felt the first few levels were a little too easy. Alternatively, the introduction of different difficulty levels wouldn't go amiss.

Overall though, Bonsai Blast is one of the most compelling Android games to date, and it's multitude of levels will keep you glued to your phone for hours.

Bonsai Blast


Bonsai Blast 1.2

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